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Things you Should Know Concerning Certified Loose Diamonds

The certified and graded loose diamonds are the stones that have been specially examined, tested and graded via a group of independent as well as trained gemologists providing a Diamond certificate. The certificate serves as a blueprint of the loose stone that have been certified. The loose diamond certificate may also be considered as the diamond grade report or diamond dossier. This certificate documents the precise weight and measurements of the stones along with the information of their cut and quality. The certified diamond precisely points all the optimum characteristics of a diamond, as well as any inclusions and flaws and there whereabouts on the diamond.

Little More about the Certified Ones

The certified stone offers customers confidence, security and improves comfort level while making the choice on what kind of a loose diamond to purchase. Before purchasing the diamond, one must evaluating the copy of the certificate since this guarantees the quality and value of the stone. The certification helps offer the customer some confidence that they are taking away what they were promised and paid for. When shopping for diamonds, it is vital that one gets the certified diamonds. One can contrast the certified diamond with particular weight and quality with other diamonds of similar characteristics to recognise which diamonds are better.

The stone’s certificate highlights the loose stone's characteristics including the clarity, carat, cut and the colour, which are verified specifically by the independent firm having no clash of interest between the buyer and seller.

Even though the terms 'appraisal' and 'certification' are used interchangeably, they are really two distinct things, both being important to know the certified diamond's actual market value. Unlike the loose diamond, the diamond assessment may be carried out on the mounted ring but unlike certification, the appraisal is not very objective and is based specially on estimations and possibilities. The diamond wholesalers really base their entire selling price on such a diamond appraisal.

Alternatively, certification is also known as the diamond grading report and it is used to describe the loose diamonds in colour, carat and clarity. The report is mostly prepared for the jewellery retailers, wholesalers, investors, and collectors via the geologists who are and proficient and experts in gemmology sub field or the study and evaluation of the valuable stones and gems. Hence, before you actually buy a diamond, you must demand independent stone certification from the recognised laboratory in order to hold up the additional claims concerning the loose diamonds. To cut a long story short, the certified loose diamonds acts as the proof of a diamond's identity and value.

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