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Oval Diamond Rings & Their Unique Optical Illusions in Melbourne

Oval diamonds have grown in popularity over the past few decades. Though not as popular as round brilliants and not as ostentatious as marquise cuts, they are a very classic and elegant gemstone. If you are searching for a fancy cut diamond along with unmatched brilliance, these oblong stones are the perfect match.

Oval Diamond History and the First Illusion

The history of the oval stone can be traced back to the early 1960's when it was made by Lazare Kaplan. It is important to note it was a modified version of the round brilliant and is cut along with an elliptical shape. With a total of 55 facets, 33 on the crown and 22 on the pavilion, this stones has the illusion of looking larger than its actual carat weight due to its elongated outline.

The Bowtie Effect

Oval diamonds, unfortunately, suffer from the "bow-tie effect" as along with most fancy shapes. However, it is a less frequent trouble than it is for pear and marquise shapes. When oval diamonds are not cut to the proper proportions, these would create dark shadows on the stone which resemble a man's bow tie. While this may never be completely avoided, it can be minimised. To reduce the bow tie effect, it is best to buy the highest quality diamond that is within your budget.

The minimum required recommendations for this cut are as follows. Keep in mind, they are only recommendations and may vary according to individual taste.

Cut - Good
Colour - G
Clarity - SI1
Depth %- 58-66%
Table % - 51.64%
Length to width ratio - 1.50 to 1.00

The Second Illusion

Oval stones need 4 or 6 prong settings to hold them securely in place. The most sought after styles are the three stone rings that use graduated diamonds. These three gems are said to represent the past, present and future and would beat out another three stone ring in terms of sheer brilliance. Another option is the halo setting type used as a mounting, a border of small diamonds surrounds the centre stone. This style is loved by many as it has the optical effect of making the centre stone appear significantly larger through inducing the eyes to view the ring as a whole. To support and balance the longer stone shape, a split shank setting may additionally be used. The most common way is to set an oval cut diamond parallel to the finger, however an east-west mounting that sets the diamond sideways may create a uniquely varied look.

The Final Illusion

Slimming is an optical illusion. Most people say it's a trick of the eye which occurs when visually perceived images vary from objective reality. The optical illusion works best when they incorporate lines and geometric shapes. Oval is considered to be a geometric shape and is similar in appearance to a routine circle that's been slightly stretched. In the case of oval diamond rings, your eyes are drawn to the elongated and slender shape when you see them. This causes the eye to misinterpret the finger size, thus making its look more elongated and slender.

An oval diamond is a classic choice that naturally flatters the shape of the hand and would never go out of style. While not the traditional selection, they are wonderfully beautiful options, either as a solitaire or showcased with accent stones.

Oval Diamond Ring of Melbourne Makes Perfect All Occasion Ring

Oval is just one of the shapes you have to select from when you are in the market for a diamond ring, yet oval ring makes perfect all occasion ring. You can provide diamond rings to anyone; your mother, your daughter, or your wife. In fact, few women purchase these rings for themselves and oval is one of the most famous shapes for all occasion diamonds. While the shapes of the ring you select are purely a personal style choice, few people feel that oval shaped ring makes the fingers appear longer and more slender. Whether that is true for every case is uncertain but if you are searching for a ring shape that flatters the fingers, the oval shaped diamond should be considered.

The Oval diamonds ring may be styled as a solitaire ring with only a diamond in the centre or another famous style is single oval diamond along with two smaller diamonds on both the sides. Moreover, you have an option of setting with this ring style. In case you choose the solitaire diamond stone then you want to go with the general prong setting but if you take additional stones of diamond or other gems on the side then you might want to see different choices of settings, for instance, a pave or bar setting.

The diamonds ring of Melbourne also makes perfect right-hand rings that can be worn daily or just on special events, depending on your lifestyle and preferences. Few women just like to purchase their own rings so they can get exactly what they want. Many women like to mix gemstones and wear a ring along with a diamond in the middle and other gems, such sapphires or rubies adorning each side of the diamond. Whatever your preference, the oval diamond ring is an excellent choice whenever you are in the market for a stunning diamond.