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Precise Care of Custom Made Engagement Rings

If you desire your proposal and wedding to be memorable, picking a custom made promise or engagement ring would be a perfect way to make your proposal special. After giving a beautiful ring to your partner as a symbol of your love, it is essential that you take care of it so it is something that remains beautiful and with you for your whole life. Here are several things to consider to help you care for your ring:

Shore Up Your Shank

It might seem like the newest fitness craze; however it's truly a key part of keeping custom made diamond engagement rings in fine shape. The part of a ring which sits on your finger is the shoulders as well as a shank. While the shoulders seldom require attention, the shank is extra prone to degrading due to its location at the base of the ring.

Each time a diamond ring is re-sized, the professional jeweller must cut it open plus either take a portion out to make it smaller or insert a new part of gold to enlarge it. This procedure takes its toll on the shank as well as thins it out. Your jeweller can deal with this by replacing the base of the shank where it's grown very thin, expanding the life of your desired ring by decades and making it easier to put on and take off at the same time.

Check your Claws

The diamond may be the star of desired custom made rings, although a star is only as superior as their cast. In such cases, the cast is actually the claws. Placed at the corners of the diamond, the claws cling to it and keep it in place, making them crucial to any ring. But the claws can become exhausted by rubbing against metal or by everyday activities such as gardening, doing the dishes or other hands on activities.

So how can you take precise care of your custom made ring? Every six months or so, pay a visit to a custom jeweller in order to check the claws. Get the ring inspected. If they pass this inspection, you will still attain a free cleaning out of it; in addition you can rest free knowing your diamond is safe and sound.

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