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The Significance of a Promise Rings

Love has no definition. It knows no boundaries. No Rules. No regulations. It just happens. It is indeed a special moment when two people fall for each other. They are ready to be in a loving relationship but not yet ready to get married.

People may feel too young to take this leap or some of them are waiting to get rid of the loans they are carrying in some form or other. Or a possibility could be they want to live the moment. Enjoying this divine relationship, which they just jumped into, diving in the sea of love, love, will leave its signs in some form or other. A promise ring can be one such form, which is gifted to a partner by the other. It is a symbol of all promises which he/she will keep forever. This simplicity is the beauty of a promise ring.

I know which question is going to pop now. But what is the difference between a promise ring and an engagement ring?

Engagement ring is paving a path towards destination called Wedding. Two lives combining to become one.

What is Promise Ring?

A promise ring is a token of commitment. The unuttered words which say “I love you & you are my future.” It is a token of commitment. It is not a proposal but definitely has more promise attached to it than any other gift.

Promise rings don’t need to be out of this world. Nor do they need to be exorbitant. They are expected to be a bit understated when compared to engagement rings. But the point is that they must be every day wearable. There’s no fixed finger for which the promise ring is meant to be worn, it could definitely be worn on the right hand.

The following are a few types of promise rings which you might want to consider when choosing one:

Antique Promise Rings:

Relic rings really makes a statement as promise rings. These are unique & marvelous pieces of jewellery. This timeless jewellery is highly regarded these days because of its excellent craftsmanship & amorous associations. They tend to cost less compared to their modern counterparts.

Solitaire Rings:

These are the supreme yet elegant engagement rings. It basically consists of a hoop & a gemstone. Both hoop and gemstone could be your choice. From gold to platinum and sapphires to diamonds, given are few cuts which could be used.

Rings with Side Stones:

These rings are crafted with stones being inserted into the sides of band. The band could be any metal as per your preferences. Few rings have a central attraction stone in the middle. A diamond is amongst the popular gemstones used for crafting. But it could be replaced with any of the gemstone of your choice.

The Trinity ring:

It has got 3 stones, which is believed to represent the past, present & future of time which the love birds has spent together and the ring is going to bind them forever. It consists of a platinum band with 3 graceful gemstones, with one at the middle & other two at the sides. Again preferred choice is a diamond is can be tailored according to your choices.

The Matching Bridal set:

It is an exquisite combination of both the engagement and wedding rings. There are no set rules for the bridal sets but it is advisable to bring the spotlight on either the engagement ring & subtle wedding ring or vice verse. E.g. a beautiful elegant platinum band studded with any gemstone paired with simple yet classic gold wedding ring which will bring beauty to the bride-to- be.

Tension Rings:

Don’t let the name bring sweat to your temples. It is a great combination of material science and gemmology. The band is of your choice which holds the gemstone merely by pressure. No prongs are used in this ring. The band material itself provides holding support. We recommend choosing two contrasting colours, which will make the gemstone pop & will pull the whole look together.