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Why to Buy Certified Diamonds over Non-Certified Diamonds

So many buyers today are aware about the certified & non-certified diamonds. But only a few of them know the actual difference. Here we would like to tell you the difference between a certified & a non certified diamond.

Certified Vs. Non-Certified Diamonds

Certified diamonds are evaluated by autonomous certification agencies, they are given a unique identification number along with a certificate. Some diamonds have ID number inscribed on it by LASER for personal satisfaction.

Non-certified diamonds are not evaluated by any certification organisation. A retailer can merely guess the quality of the diamond. Clarity, carat weight, cut or colour are such things which cannot be explained without proper examination. So the jeweller is playing a guessing game with you if the diamond is not certified and it is just their opinion they are providing with you.

It is not necessary true that the certified diamonds are better in comparison than non- certified ones. But they tend to be of good quality since the jeweller has selected them on the basis of their certification. Many times certified diamonds are absolutely natural without any external treatment and are beautiful stones, they are just missing that independent third party evaluation

Who certifies them?

There are a number of agencies who certify diamonds. But the most trusted ones are: GIA and EGL, GII, IGI etc. It is observed that grading rules of GIA are very strict. They have high standards of jewellery. Result of this is is that customers tend to go for GIA certified diamonds.

Advantages of Purchasing Certified Diamonds:

Purchasing a diamond is an investment. When you shop for your engagement ring it becomes even more important to stay calm which is not possible when you are purchasing non-certified diamonds. Peace of mind is extremely important. Having a certificate of the diamond will give you a sense of security and put your mind at ease that you are actually buying what you think you are buying.

Certified diamonds are a way to educate you more about diamonds. With enhancement in knowledge you will learn to appreciate the diamond you have. You will start learning about the various grades and different criterion. Slowly you will learn how to appreciate its beauty with the naked eye. You will appreciate its clarity & colour. You will be able identify the best diamond in the crowd.

Will it ever be Okay to Buy a Non-Certified Diamond?

Small size stones are a good choice for purchasing non-certified diamonds. For small stones or accent stones and it is nearly impossible to detect any defect or characteristics.

It is always suggested to buy certified diamonds than preferring a non certified diamond from a less trustworthy place. Goldenet is highly recommended for quality and certified diamonds.