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Taking a Good Care of Your Wedding and Engagement Rings

Your wedding as well as engagement rings are the most precious as well as symbolic items of eternal love. Both rings are used on the special day of your wedding, one of the most memorable days of your life. An engagement or wedding ring is something you desire to keep in perfect condition, everlastingly. This isn't all the time easy to achieve, unfortunately, with diamond rings being subjected to a big amount of wear each day. There are several steps mentioned that can be followed to protect these valuable rings, however they are required to be done every day, which takes commitment. By following this useful guide we will provide you with several of the best tips to keep engagement and wedding rings radiantly clean as well as save you money on pricey repairs or even having to purchase a new ring.

Keeping Up With Your Engagement Ring

  1. When you remove your ring, take care that it is placed in an absolutely safe place as well as out of view of everyone.
  2. Never place it with anything else, you should put it on its own, no other solid metals. This is due to the reason that rings as well as diamonds are easily chipped and scratched by coming into contact with other objects.
  3. When placing it somewhere, be certain it is in the similar place each time, because of the small size of diamond rings, they are extremely easy to misplace. Always make a pocket in your bag particularly for the storage of your rings.

When to Take Off Your Ring

Avoid wearing your rings while swimming. This is due to the reason that cold water shrinks your fingers and your ring may drop down and get lost. To have something so expensive incidentally at the bottom of the ocean or a pool would be a terrible loss. Salt-water as well as chlorine can dull the shine on many metals; therefore it is definitely a good idea to avoid swimming with your rings.

Remove your ring in every scenario in which your diamond ring could undergo a heavy blow, for instance operating heavy machines, taking part in sport as well as manual labour.

Remove your diamond ring when applying make-up, lotions in addition with any other heavy creams, since the chemicals utilised in such cosmetics can dull diamonds as well as other expensive stones.

Performing Proper Maintenance

Clean your diamond ring as suggested by your jeweller on a regular basis to maintain its brightness.

Touch the diamond on your rings as little as possible. Natural oils present on your hands which can dull your diamonds and gold and be the reason for corrosion over time.

Follow the above mentioned steps consistently and you will see that your gorgeous wedding and engagement rings will remain looking wonderful for much longer.