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Ways to Compare Engagement Ring Price When Having a Budget

When talking about attaining a beautiful engagement ring, it’s significant to consider budget as well as style and also taste and preferences. Many customers tend to go overboard and purchase a ring way out of their price range, putting themselves in debt which they cannot afford to give. Avoid that matter by sticking to a budget when you purchase an engagement ring!

Here are several tips to assist you get started:

Shop online:

Online sellers don’t have the similar overhead costs as brick and mortar stores; hence they are competent to have a broad selection of engagement rings at a minor cost. Purchasing online for such a sentimental product can be nerve-wracking, so select a retailer that provides a lifetime warranty as well as has a flexible return policy to relieve your mind. And make sure to read reviews on any store you prefer, online or otherwise, when planning such a significant purchase.

Consider various metals:

In general, engagement rings are made with gold, platinum or sometimes palladium bands. Though platinum is more expensive, to the naked eye it seems similar to white gold. But, there are big variations between white gold and platinum. Platinum tends to be more resilient, while white gold shines intensely. If you are considering your budget, pick a white gold band devoid of sacrificing the appearance of the ring.

Prioritize the 4C’s:

When purchasing a ring on a definite budget, you have to imagine about which of the 4C’s (colour, carat, cut, and clarity) is most significant to you. These four C’s determine how a stone will be priced. Most diamond experts recommend that cut ought to be a priority because it affects the shine and sparkle of the diamond, which is viewed as what makes diamonds unique compared with other gems. A dull stone is quite noticeable to others, whereas a diamond stone with lower clarity, for instance, may not be identifiable to anyone devoid of a magnifying glass.

Go a bit lower:

Some buyers will never purchase a diamond which has an even carat weight, for instance a 1 or 2-carat diamond. Rather, find a diamond which is only a hair below these weights, like 0.95 or 1.95. Although they will seem practically similar in size, the odd carat measurement truly makes the ring much more reasonable. This may be hard to find in a preset engagement ring, but easy to find as a loose diamond.

Loose and natural Diamonds vs. Preset Rings

We have two options for getting an engagement ring: purchase a loose diamond stone and have it custom set, or buy a preset ring. Many individuals rule out purchasing a loose diamond since they think that having it custom set will be more costly than buying a preset ring. Loose diamonds are also a great option when you are unsure of what setting your partner would like. In such case, you could buy a loose diamond and then have her choose a setting once you propose. If you aren’t certain about buying a loose diamond, many jewellers will give discounts or deals on particular preset engagement rings that will considerably lower the expense.

Goldenet, a leading online diamond shop, provide endless options when talking about natural engagement rings as well as loose diamonds. Diamond and jewellery professionals are on hand to assist you to get the most for your money devoid of overspending. We ensure low prices for customers on a budget without sacrificing quality!