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Which Finger You will Prefer for Your Engagement Ring

The gifting of engagement rings in several occasions is something which has been carried out since ancient times. The entire concept of a special engagement ring is centred on the religious beliefs and traditions of various countries. It is the universal symbol of undying commitment and love that a man makes to her lady. Since it is widely acknowledged a circle represents perpetuity and in the olden days the Egyptians took the ring like a symbol of an endless bond flanked by two persons who were deciding to get married. That meticulous finger is considered to have veins that lead unswervingly to the heart referred to as the vena amoris implying sign of love by the Romans.

The Ring Preferences

Many times hand preference is a subject of religion. Jewish couples generally put the desired wedding ring on the right hand throughout the marriage ceremony as well as wear it on the left hand before the ceremony. Several Greek Orthodox Christians place the ritual wedding band on the right hand in relation to religious tradition.

Traditionally, the wedding or engagement ring is presented to the female via the male as a sign to a wedding band. Engagement ring is the sign of a formal agreement to marriage in the coming future. Such rings can either be purchased by the couple, the male or by each for the other.

If we talk about the western culture, the engagement ring finger is traditionally the fourth finger of the left hand. There is a range of reasons why this has been the finger of preference for decades.

If we switch to the South American Countries such as Argentine for instance both the males as well as the females utilize one ring that was very analogous to the wedding rings the single difference being the sort of expensive metals that it was made out of. The special engagement rings were generally silver. In further countries still both sexes put on engagement rings specifically on the ring finger.

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