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Discussing the Flaws to Avoid Wrong Selection of Diamonds

Choosing the diamond ring for your special one is a critical task because it must be awesome, attractive and worth giving. We must perform several measures along with the consideration of diamond price Melbourne in order to get the one your partner desires. Below we will discuss some diamond flaws that should be avoided while choosing your desired diamond.


Scratches are fine lines that exist on the facade of the diamond. They might have been there naturally or caused by the diamond cutter when the diamond was cut. While small scratches can potentially be removed by professional polishing, deep scratches will remain forever and therefroe you need to be sure you are happy with the way they look in the diamond if you are considering buying that particular stone.


Such diamond flaws are seen on the surface of a diamond and can arise naturally. However, these are more probably to be caused because of the external environment, while the stone was being cut as well as polished.


Tiny holes may be there on the facade of a diamond. Such pits are generally not noticeable to the naked eye. But, pits present on the table surface of a stone are generally visible and lessen the clarity of a diamond.


Fingerprint enclosures in the form of fingerprints can be found in many diamonds. However these inclusions are exceptional in diamonds in comparison to other stones similar to rubies. Such inclusions are typically formed at some stage in fluid assisted partial healing of fractures previously present in stones. For this to happen in diamonds, high temperatures and pressures are required, which is abnormal. Till now, a small amount of such additions have been reported in natural blue as well as colourless diamonds. However this could also point to the diamond having been HPHT treated, providing the necessary temperatures for the inclusions of fingerprint, however this is not the case all the time.


Bigger chipping in stones gives rise to a diamond cavity. This term refers to the existence of a deep or large open space in a diamond stone. These can happen either unintentionally or when a stone cutter has removed a big crystal inclusion near the surface of diamond. The flaws of diamonds are not always negative. In actual fact it is such flaws that generally lend diamond its unique beauty. There are many such flaws that make a stone look exclusive and often raise its worth much further. It is therefore essential that while buying individual diamonds, the purchaser examines them with a jeweller’s magnifier  to ensure its brilliance as well as the presence of flaws.

However you do not need to understand all these terms on your own, you can call on the assistance of Goldnet Australia to help you and find you the perfect stone that matches your preferences and budget. We can provide you with the best and most attractive diamonds in diamond price Melbourne.