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Top new Trends in Diamond Engagement Rings

The engagement ring symbolises the commitment and bond between couples. The diamond engagement ring is the perfect one if you are looking for an engagement band. It is traditional and universally known as the sign of engagement. If you are going to buy an engagement ring, you should know about the recent trends in ring designs in the market. The kind of ring you should present to your future wife as an engagement band, will represent your feelings towards her. Some top new recent trends are discussed here that will help you to choose your perfect ring.

A diamond ring with a thin uniquely designed band

A ring with a big diamond mounted upward with metal support with a thin band decorated with a series of diamonds. The rings made from gold metal and a big yellow diamond can also be a good option if she likes to wear gold ornaments.

A diamond ring made up of mixed metal

A diamond ring made up of a combination of two precious metals is also a good option. These are usually seen in vintage rings but rarely seen in new designs. The combination of two metals in a single ring makes it different from other designs. People who want to buy something unique or antique would be more likely to have a two toned ring design.

A diamond ring made up of nature inspired designs

A rings which is intelligently crafted with an amazing naturalistic design makes the ring timeless. This kind of ring beautifully represents leaves, vines and buds in the designs. Women who would love to wear this ring are those who are close to nature.

A half moon diamond engagement ring

A ring with a half circle shaped white diamond surrounded with half rounded metal lines and small size diamonds is the newest design. A non-traditional girl will be happy to wear this. The band of this ring can be made of gold or platinum.

A coloured diamond ring made up of rose gold

These are like traditional rings. A coloured diamond inserted into a beautifully crafted rose gold ring. Dark rubies and dark coloured diamonds with rose gold metal looks stunning as ornaments. This kind of ring has beautiful tones and resembles royalty

A double band diamond engagement ring

A ring with solitaire diamonds fitted between two parallel bands is one of the rarest designs. The band of this ring could be made of pure gold or Rose gold.

A double row or split shank diamond ring

A big diamond ring with split shanks is also a different choice. Instead of split shank, a double row of diamonds can be used to join the band. These are popular designs because this design falls under category of evergreen designs. This kind of ring is loved by all women.

A diamond ring with multiple bands of multiple designs

A ring designed and crafted with diamonds inserted into the bands is beautifully joined together making an awesome impression on people who view the ring. This covers the maximum part of the finger which would definitely be loved by every woman. This diamond engagement ring is always attractive and eye-grabbing.