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Some Facts about the Wedding and Engagement ring finger

Engagement rings are items of jewellery that are worn by loving couples forever, signifying their endless love for each other. In some regions, wedding and engagement rings are known to be round in shape for the reason that a circle has no beginning and no end; this is the reason why relationships are meant to last forever.

Ring Finger Myths and Facts

At the time of a wedding ceremony, there are some particular rituals that are followed prior to placing the diamond rings on the hands; though, the ring is almost always worn on the fourth finger of the person’s left hand, which asks the question ‘why?’.

In the past thousands of years, there was a Roman and Greek belief that a vein from the left hand’s fourth finger ran directly to the heart. The vein was called as the ‘vena amoris’ also called the vein of love. This belief gave rise to the tradition of wearing the engagement and wedding ring on that special finger, representing the love between the couple being married. As per scientific evidence, this belief is not true, however many people still want to consider it is.

As per the Chinese theory, which is interesting as well as a bit fun to try, if you observe your left hand, every finger is a representation of the present, past and future generations in your family. For instance, the thumb signifies your parents, the middle finger signifies yourself and your index finger signifies your siblings, your fourth finger signifies your better half or life partner and the fifth finger that is pinkie which signifies your future children.

Now let’s have a little experiment. Put your hands together as well as bend your middle fingers together, trying to touch the knuckles. When performing this, allow for all remaining fingers to touch.

Start pulling each finger apart, independently. You will observe that your thumbs will pull apart due to the reason that you are not intended to be with your parents everlastingly. Now perform the similar action with your pinkie and index finger; you will observe the similar results. As per the Chinese theory, you will not be together forever with your siblings, and also with your future children since they will leave the home and set up their individual family.

Now let’s perform the same action with ring finger, which symbolises your life partner. When you attempt to pull these fingers apart, it doesn’t pick up as easily as the remaining fingers, right? This is due to the reason that you and your life partner are meant to be together forever.

Now, let’s discuss the more practical fact, wearing engagement or wedding rings on fourth finger of left hand is usual because most of the people are right handed, this implies that left hand is not used as much and the ring will not be as damaged in contrast if it were worn on the right hand. Moreover, the ring finger is the least used finger if not counting the pinkie.

So, this was a bit about the engagement ring finger. Choosing the right diamond ring is also essential for a best and memorable engagement. Goldenet is the best place to get all basic services along with the high class diamond engagement rings in a huge range.