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Diamond Rings for Young Professional Couples of Melbourne

Engagement is a prior step before getting married. A proposal & engagement ring is an important milestone in the long planned journey.

Essential Considerations:

After deciding the 4 C’s of the ring, you must remember that every ring is unique & will say something to her. It must match your lady’s personality. Also, as they say, price doesn’t matter when something is given out of true love & essence. Budget must be totally your choice. Try to find something that will fit your pocket while matching your lady’s personality.

Here we are bursting some myths which might affect your decision:

Myth #1: The Salary Rule
It says that a man must spend 3 months equivalent salary on the ring. Please guys, be practical no such rule exists in reality. Chuck that off!!

Myth #2: The Age Rule
Size of the stone must equals the age of woman. E.g. if your lady is 46 years old the diamond must weigh 4.6 carats. C’mon guys give me a break. ! 4.6 is way beyond the reasonable price for the young couples.

Myth #3: The Beauty Rule
The ring must reflect the beauty of your lady love. Is that even possible to find the true beauty in such a non-living thing? You must choose the ring that will reflect the personality of your partner.

The Modern Misconception

There is no rocket science involved in buying an engagement ring. Price tag really doesn’t matter when you have all your emotions attached to it. Just find the ring that clicks with your lady love.

Cost & carat weight cannot dictate the extent of love you give her her. It is a very common misconception that must be quashed. It is a very emotional moment for the man when he is purchasing the engagement ring for the lady of his dreams. This must not be compared with any other. The ring must make the lady fall in love again with the man.

Before the 1930s proposing with an engagement ring was not a rule. And the ring which the man could easily afford was in trend.

It was a marketing campaign after which spending a lot on rings became popular. It was by De Beers, UK which gave world a tagline “Diamonds are forever”. It linked money with diamonds.

After the campaign the money became equivalent to 1 month’s salary, then 2 month’s salary and by today it has been converted in to 3 month’s salary. Diamond rings and commitment are 2 inseparable things which are now settled into the western mindset.

Personalised and Unique

Don’t jump on anything that is not something you can afford. Remember the reason why you are purchasing the ring. The priority must be the essence and matching the personality, not just price tag. Even if you can afford any diamond ring you need to find the right match for her. For young professionals there are not really any rules to picking the right one.

The Perfect Ring for You

There isn’t any fixed rule for purchasing the perfect diamond ring. So take your time in doing all the research. Keep your patience and spend some time finding the right ring. It is a big decision choosing the right ring and you want to make sure you have done enough research before you make your purchase.

There are many young professionals dealing with the same question every time. How to determine the perfect ring? However, there is no solution to this question you just have to find the answer for yourself, as what is perfect for one couple is not for the another.

A Worthwhile Investment

After choosing the right ring, do check whether it is ethically sourced or not, if possible. After buying the diamond rings Melbourne by taking your time and doing your research you are guaranteed to not only save time and money but also heartache from buying the wrong thing.