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The Recent Tips to Have Certified Diamonds

Whether you are a man searching for the perfect ring to propose to a girl or a woman, purchasing a beautiful right hand ring or a tremendous pair of earrings, it's essential to gain a little understanding about diamonds prior to making a purchase. These attractive natural stones can add fire as well as brilliance to your life if you know what to seek when purchasing them.

Stone Experts and Gemmologist Certification Standards

Certified diamonds are the most precious because the gems have been graded through a qualified gemmologist to ensure its clarity, cut, colour and carat are all finely recorded. It is a good idea to find certified diamonds graded through the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA). It is also great to get them certified through the American Gem Society (AGS), the European Gemmological Laboratory (EGL), Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD) and the International Gemmological Institute (IGI).

Purchasing certified diamonds means you can rest assured knowing you are getting the most out of your budget. Although GIA is the most known certification, don't hesitate from getting certified stones from other sources. The procedure of certification is similar regardless of which laboratory perform the certification. It is also essential to realise that diamonds will be sold online with the documentation of certification. Goldenet does the same. If the seller tells you a diamond is certified, ask to view the certification and ensure the process was completed through one of the trusted laboratories.

Common Types

When you start your search, you might be overwhelmed concerning all the diverse options such as loose diamonds, certified diamonds, and pre-set diamond jewellery.

It is usual to find jewellery such as diamond engagement rings or earrings which are pre-set with diamonds. These diamonds may or may not be the certified ones, so if that is important to you, ensure to ask. What you observe is what you get with such jewellery pieces because the diamonds and settings cannot be changed.

If you desire your jewellery to be a custom piece, select the stone as well as the setting separately. It is commonly considered that all loose diamonds are certified ones, but that's not always reality, so ask to see the laboratory certification prior to making your ultimate decision.

Natural vs. Enhanced Diamonds

You may be provided with the option of selecting from enhanced or natural stones. A natural stone of diamond is one which has been cut to make the most of brilliance, but no further enhancing measures have been concerned. These kinds of diamonds are the most valuable.

Recently some individuals have started to sell treated or enhanced stones. These stones must not be confused with genuine and natural diamonds. Enhanced and artificial diamonds may have had laser drilling to take away flaws, colour treatments applied to perk up the stone's colour grading or sealant applied to fill cracks. Each of this is carried out to improve the stone's overall look.

Enhancing the stones is a notorious process in jewellery circles. An enhanced diamond is much less valuable than a natural diamonds.

After reading this blog, you may be now armed with all the essential details surrounding the diamond purchase. Whether you want to purchase something for yourself or as a sign of your love, purchasing a great piece of jewellery should be an easy and fun process!