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Know About Certification While Buying Certified Diamonds

Purchasing certified diamonds guarantees that you purchasing the best quality stone for your budget. There are many laboratories in the diamond industry, and every one of these follow a procedure of certifying diamonds as well as rating them in particular categories of quality.

The process of certification makes it much simpler for customers to verify the quality of a diamond. Though we have a number of reputable laboratories that proficiently certify diamonds, for the sake of simplicity, we will limit our talk to the (GIA) Gemmologists Institute of America standards in this blog.

All You Should Know

Before you go to buy certified diamonds, ensure that you know the GIA's standards for quality. In this way you can pick the best diamond as per your budget.


The Gemmologists Institute of America was founded by Robert Shipley in the year 1931. Shipley was a fine jeweller in Kansas who was enthused to create an organisation to regiment the quality of gems. With time, GIA has become an esteemed and highly preferred industry leader all around the world. Its goal is to take the quality standards in the gem industry to their uppermost levels possible. Apart from the grading diamonds, this association trains gemmologists all over the world, maintains labs and holds seminars in four different countries.

Having a certified diamond stone is as easy as locating the GIA's symbol at an online jewellery store. You can directly ask the service provider if the stones you are looking at are GIA certified. When you ask such question, the professional will know that you are concerned about buying your diamond and he / she can provide other information to you concerning the quality of the diamond.

The GIA evaluates diamonds to find out the carat. The product measurements are so precise that a stone can contain a carat number with 5 decimal places. The superior the carat number, the bigger the diamond is.

The clarity of the stone is assessed by its lack of blemishes or flaws. Flawless stone of diamonds are the high standard, they then proceed down to an I3 stone. Minor blemishes can be ignored if they are towards the underside of the cut of the diamond. Dark spots and cloudiness should not be overlooked.

Colour is rated from D that is colourless, to Z that is light brown. A colourless diamond is a lot more valuable and prettier, but in current years slightly coloured diamonds (such as pink or yellow) are very popular. However these coloured stones are graded by a different scale.

There are a lot of different standard cuts of diamonds that are different in shapes. The marquise cut, round cut and square cut are several of the most popular. The GIA assesses a diamond for how well the jeweller has carried out the cut. The cut of the stone is rated between poor and excellent.

Every GIA certified diamond stone goes through a thorough procedure of testing. Manifold experts evaluate a diamond at the time of the testing phases to ensure that the four C's are being utilised correctly.

Certified diamond stones all come with an exclusive report number, so be certain to ask your jeweller for this before buying. When buy certified diamonds online, ensure that the diamonds have been analysed as well as graded by one of the best grading organisations. Several online jewellers even enable you to sight the certificate when shopping.

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