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Style Your Wedding Ring With Your Style

As the Valentine’s day is around the corner, love is in the air as well as in your life. So the question is, for how long you will hide your feelings for her? Don’t wait for the right time, because the right time is now. Choose a place like a national park, shopping mall or any of her favorite places. And get on your knee to propose to her to be her partner for your lifetime, and make sure you do it with a beautiful wedding ring.

But choosing the right ring is not that easy. Instead of choosing the designs why don’t give a personal touch with the custom wedding ring. Customising a ring is a very simple process.

Jot down your design:

The very first step for customising your ring is expressing your ideas about the kind of ring you want. You just have to make it clear what type of ring you want, what design you want. If you have lots of designs in mind then, we’ll ask you about your preferences as there can only be one design for one ring. Our experts will draw down your dream ring on the paper.

Choose the material type:

The next steps is that you have choose the material type. The cost of ring directly depends on the ring material. If you don’t have budget limitations, then platinum is best choice. It gives you high durability, quality and a fabulous look.

Computerised design:

After deciding everything, a computerised image is created so that you get to know how the real ring will look. This gives a real sense of finished product and if you feel that some changes are necessary then in the process is a great time to make any changes.

Making process:

Once the computerised image is finalised, the production process starts. Different parts of the ring are carefully designed and once it is done, they are assembled carefully. The stone is set, an special engraving is done, if requested. After that it is carefully polished to give a final touch.

Go and present her the ring:

Now comes the most important step of all. Get onto your knee and express all your feelings with the perfect dream wedding ring. The uniqueness of wedding ring will surely steal her heart.

Nowadays various amazing designs of wedding rings are available in the market but a customised ring gives a unique touch and expresses your sentiment in the best way possible. At Goldenet you will get the best quality ring with the plethora of choices. You can choose your best styled wedding ring be it platinum, gold, and lots more. Select your best ring for your life partner.