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Solitaire Diamond Ring - The Classic and Elegant Engagement Ring

For most people the engagement ring simply means a diamond solitaire ring. It is a simplistic design consisting of a thin band with a mounted solitaire diamond. Its simplistic design is the reason why they are so convincing and carry the essence of love very beautifully and express it very well.

The Modern Ring Choices

Usually a diamond ring is made out of gold which is quite traditional. However, now-a-days some other metals are also used for making the band of the ring. Gold is still considered to be the most standard metal for making rings because it has a variety of bands covering a wide variety of budgets as well.

Other precious metal which are used for making the rings is white gold. It is becoming quite popular these days because of its unique colour because it resembles bright silver. The advantage of white gold over silver is that it does not tarnish and retains the shine and sparkle for a longer period of time. However, white gold is much more costly when compared to silver. But honestly it really makes a wonderful engagement ring.

Another precious metal which is also popular these days is platinum. It is tougher & durable than gold. These 2 qualities make it expensive. It has a unique shine which makes it absolutely apt metal for moulding rings. This specialty makes it special to make engagement rings.

Titanium is also a rising star in the game of the rings. It is also becoming popular these days. The simple reason is its durability. It is a low maintenance and high shine metal. Thus its added advantage over gold, white gold & platinum. Titanium promises to stay for longer time, even more than these three guys.

A ring is obviously made of 2 partners- 1 being the band and the other being gemstone. Therefore, selection of diamond also plays an important part. There is no room for doubt that bigger diamonds look stunning but finely cut diamonds are also a part of the ‘best’ diamonds available. As they say, there is no price tag on the best. If you want the best forget the price. However, some women do not enjoy large and hefty diamonds. In such cases, beautiful small intricate diamonds really look good and will be nicer on your pocket.

Such rings are ageless and timeless. They look absolutely stunning in any era. A diamond solitaire is elegant and rich in the more simplest way. Nothing can propose better than this ring.

If you are planning to make any purchase in diamond ring than my suggestion would be that you must opt for a real diamond because this is not just a ring. It is a medium to express your feelings. And obviously you don’t want any miscommunication. Before buying, check for the well known 4Cs. If you are going to purchase online, make sure that all the information provided prior to your purchase to ensure you are fully informed.

Wrong information might cost you a lot of money in the long run. This mistake will give you monetary as well as emotional stress which nobody wants. Before making any purchase, complete all your research about the seller and if possible buy from a reputable jeweller only. Shopping for a diamond ring can really be fun and exciting so enjoy the experience.