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How Can You Know Her Ring Size Discretely?

A person who surprises his someone special with a diamond engagement ring is considered to be truly romantic and a brave man. Giving this surprise to a girl really means a lot. In order to make them surprised you need to know many things about her in order to keep everything a surprise. The ring size is one of them.

The following are some of the tips to finding out her ring size without letting her knowing:

  1. Does she have a ring which fits on that finger? It she does, and you think you are competent to secretly borrow it then this is one of the most infallible approaches to guessing the exact size. Take the ring to your appointment in order for your jeweller to be able to assess it then as swiftly as you borrowed it, you can give it back.
  2. If you are not confident that you can discreetly take one of her perfectly sized rings without her catching you, copy the inside of that ring on a piece of paper. The expert jeweller will be proficient enough to work from this to estimate her size.
  3. Another option is to directly ask her. If you believe you can ask her in passing devoid of getting her too suspicious then this could be the finest way to get it accurately. We recommend asking well in advance, with the intention that as time passes; she just forgets the question and reason for you wanting to know this information.
  4. Ask her best friend. Girls love to gossip and chances are if you are in search of an engagement ring then she has been discussing with her friends. She may have even expected you asking their suggestion so they may be well informed on the style and also the ring size.
  5. You can have photographic evidence. This is not the perfect solution, however if you are digging deep trying to locate ways to work this one out, have a picture of her beautiful hand. This may help your jeweller to be a little closer in guessing her size.
  6. Pick a jeweller who provides a free resize for after you have proposed. Goldenet is here with many kinds of services. This way you can be confident that her ring fits flawlessly and will be safe and comfortable on her finger for many years to come.
  7. Another alternative is to contrast your fingers to hers and observe if one of yours is an exact size. You could try on one of her rings and observe where it fits on any of your finger. This once more, is not one of the most perfect choices but better than nothing.
  8. Lastly, but only for people who think they can pull this one off. If she is a in a deep sleep get a piece of string and tie it around her ring finger where a ring would actually sit. Measure the length accurately and take this to your jeweller for them to perform their task of working out the ring size.

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