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Keep Your Diamond Well Maintained and Clean

There is no doubt that things around us get dirty. So, obviously your beloved diamond is no different. However, you need not be worried about this, because it is very normal process. Natural oils which our body produces often come in contact with the diamond and hence sticky surfaces attract dust particles. It is found to be absolutely true for diamond rings, because they are constantly in touch with your skin. Due to this, the diamond loses its lustre. Sometimes people tend to notice the inclusions in the diamonds which were initially not visible. You must be thinking how can you keep clean your most precious possession. Don’t you worry; there are some tips to keep this baby clean and looking like new.

Here are some ‘Yes Please’ & ‘Oh no Don’ts for the maintenance of sparkling gems:

1. Say Yes to: Warm water bathing:

Like you need pampering, so your diamonds do. Soaking them in warm water will get rid of the dirt & dust sticking to it. Prepare a bath in a small container for it. But if you are planning to soak it in sink make sure that the drain is plugged otherwise you might lose it. This whole process will give your diamond that immense sparkle which it has lost over the time.

Say No to: Harsh Cleaning Solutions:

The general cleaning solutions are good for the most of the materials. But, you don’t want to ruin that sparkling gem sitting on your finger. You might be unaware of the chemicals present and hence their effect on the diamond. They might be corrosive in nature and harm your diamonds.

*Avoid using ammonia and alcohol on diamonds.

2. Say Yes to: Supple tooth brush and soap:

To remove those bits of dirt which have survived the attack of the warm water, use soft bristle brush and liquid hand wash or any soap. Put a drop of soap on the brush, run it under water and gently scrub your stone with it. Then rinse your ring thoroughly, otherwise soap streaks will be visible after drying the ring.

Say No to: Ultrasonic Cleaners or Steam Cleaners:

Jewellers tend to go for these 2 methods when asked for cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaners omit high frequency vibrations through the bath in which your diamond is kept. If, your diamond is loosely set, then it might fall off the ring. In case of 3 stone setting if anyone of the 3 is lost, then it will crack the other diamond. In steam cleaning, water stream of high pressure is sprayed against your jewellery piece to get rid of the dirt. This can move your diamond from the setting or can create a crack in other diamonds. It is recommended not to use these methods.

3. Say Yes to: Routine Checkups:

Just like you, your diamonds too need your love as well as care. It is advisable to take your diamond babies to the jeweller once every 6 months. This way, the diamonds will be clean whenever you wish to wear them and loose stones will be taken care of.

Diamond jewellery needs more care and affection than any other jewellery piece. Your diamonds will be forever new, simply by cleaning them regularly as well as properly. These beautiful diamonds will definitely add to your true beauty.