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Tricks to Make Your Engagement Ring Look Enormous

General belief states that women need that enormous stone to be studded around the petite band, however, the opposite is true as well.

Chances are high you are already wearing a ring so you don’t want another diamond to be too much bigger in comparison. So here are some tips & tricks to make that baby pop & the best part being that it is not going to be heavy on your pocket *wink*:

1. Cut Dominates the Game:

I know there’s no substitute for bigger diamonds. But hey, the quality & excellent cut diamonds create the most buzz. Beautifully cut diamonds with good angles & facets appear to make a diamond look bigger than its actual carat weight. Do consult and plan the cut with your jeweler that will make your diamond appear larger.

2. Look for delicate Setting:

This carbon progeny looks absolutely stunning in delicate prongs when compared to larger prongs. Proportion sets it all.

3. Choice of right Metal for band:

It is a common trick in interior decorations to use mirrors that will make the area appear larger. Hence, it is applied to the science of diamonds. Generally a white metal band is chosen to make diamonds appear bigger. Platinum is a good choice which creates multiple reflections of the diamond and hence makes it appear bigger.

4. Yes, Halo is a good idea!

Putting a small ring around small diamonds will make them look bigger, a tried & tested trick that works every time. The reason being, at certain distances this halo is undetectable. Hence, main focus won’t get disturbed. Two types of halo’s are possible:

  1. The one that will surround the centre diamond.
  2. The Expanded Halo- It is set slightly farther from the centre diamond. This will make the diamond appear even bigger.

5. Bingo! Peripheral Stones!

The central diamond surrounded by some baby stones that will make the centre diamond pop. Side stones make jewellery appear larger. There’s a variety of stones available which can be studded to your piece.

The engagement is a symbol of future marriage. We know that all these materialistic privileges are not so important when 2 souls decide to make their journey path one. But I would say, the rings are something that when crafted beautifully especially by keeping special attention on the cuts, pricing and making will give your would-be partner that immense pleasure which is beyond imagination. This day has created a whole new market of its own which is simply working to make your Day super special.

Nowadays there’s a whole new range available in bands. Be it gold, silver, platinum or a band delicately crafted with numerous gemstone providing an exquisite look. So head to Goldenet to see what type of ring can be made especially for you.