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How to Identify the Fake Diamond?

A diamond ring is a gift which is passed from one generation to another. They are a significant heirloom which is esteemed by many. You need to be sure that you are purchasing a real diamond and not a fake diamond. Since there are a lot of discount sales on diamonds at unbelievable rates, one must ensure they do their homework to make sure that they are getting a quality natural diamond. Otherwise, you will waste a large sum of money and exert a lot of anger and frustration.

So how do you differentiate the two? To start with, one needs to know first the basics of diamonds prior to purchasing them. This will assist you to avoid buying a fake diamond as well as giving yourself the aptitude to spot them. In this way you can save a lot of money and time, so take some time to understand what diamonds actually are.

You need to make sure you have sufficient knowledge about the diamond including their 4 C’s.

Spot the Real Diamonds

After knowing all the qualities and details of a diamond, you are geared up to find out whether a diamond is a real or a fake. At the beginning you can try something called the newspaper test. In order to try this, place your diamond above the print on a newspaper. Then, try to read that paper through the diamond. If you can see the writing but cannot actually make out the writing do not worry, because the chances are it is a real diamond. If you cannot see the writing at all, it could still be that the diamond is real however there is a chance that it is not, and you should get it checked,

The subsequent thing that you can perform is to carry out the fog test. Natural diamonds clear away swiftly when uncovered to the fog. Other expensive stones hang on longer. If the stone you have simply fogged is getting a bit much time to shed off its fog, then there is possibility that the diamond is a fake one.

Making use of a diamond tester, as well as a jeweller’s loop can also assist in finding out if the diamond is fake by verifying the refraction of the light as well as any scratches on the stone, respectively. Just try to perform as many tests as possible with the diamond. If the outcomes are rather unclear, have a look at the diamond's certification.

GoldeNet is the place where you can purchase high quality and authentic diamonds accompanied by their certification.

Purchasing diamonds is both an investment as well as luxury. Before purchasing a diamond provide yourself with sufficient knowledge about the diamond in order to protect yourself from potential fake diamonds.