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Engagement Rings Buying Guide for Gentlemen

Oh! So finally you are proposing to your loved one. We understand the rollercoaster of emotions which is storming inside of you. Although materialistic choices really do not matter when 2 people fall in love, but still the correct ring can do the job for you. Here are some tried & tested suggestions when purchasing that perfect diamond ring:

1. Choosing the right Gemstone

The trend shows that the women crave a diamond for a centre stone in their engagement ring. However, they demand uniqueness as well. It is usually studded with diamonds or sapphires. It depends on personal preferences. More daring & unconventional women tend to choose a gemstone other than this. Both of the gemstones fall in top rankings when referring to the stones hardness. That is why they are perfect for daily wear as they won’t come out of the claws. Sapphires offer you a wide variety of colours in low cost option when compared to diamonds.

2. Gemstone Shape matters:

10 shapes are available in diamonds for purchase. However, most of the women prefer round diamonds. Some friendly advice: round brilliant cut diamonds cost you more when compared to some other cuts of the same carat value. Some popular but budget friendly cuts are cushion & princess cut.

3. Choice of Precious Metal:

Carefully observe the kind of jewellery the woman of your dreams is wearing every day. Some common choices are Gold, white gold, rose gold & platinum. However, Platinum and white gold look alike, but vary in their properties. Platinum might cost you 50% more than white gold, but its durability is much higher. Again, the choice depends upon personal preferences.

4. Ring Style

Again, observation is the key. There is a variety of ring styles available to choose from. It might get a bit difficult to choose the right one; elegant and graceful or vintage and detailed. That is why we say, observation is the key. Look for the kind of fashion and style she appreciates the most, the fashion which she carries. This will help you in choosing the perfect style of ring for her.

5. Consider Buying an Antique

Antique or vintage jewellery pieces are in trend these days. If your girlfriend is a lover of history then chances are high that she will love antique pieces. These pieces are also nice on your hip pocket.

6. Consider Whether to Go Custom made

Nowadays, you can customise the rings according to your preferences. The key is choosing the right jeweller & designer. However, some jewellers provide you with in-house designers to simplify your task.

7. Decide on a Budget

Creating the budget which is friendly on your pocket and will not bring you financial stress is a smart decision. There are several jewellers available which showcase a variety of rings suitable for a variety of budgets. If need be you can always upgrade the engagement ring later in life when finances can stretch a little.

8. A Semi-Surprise:

There’s quite a chance that your would-be- Hun may not agree with the choices you made. At Goldenet they offer you a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you give the ring to your fiancé and she does not like it, you both have 30 days to find something that she likes better.