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Diamonds Have Wondering Applications Rather Than Just Being a Jewellery Element

Whenever we talk about diamonds, first thing comes to our mind is diamond jewellery. Many people have no idea that the diamonds have a number of applications in research, science and medical rather than just being a part of a jewellery piece. These are also used in cutting, engraving, abrasives, heat sinks etc. Here we will discuss how diamonds have changed things and solved problems in many areas, even some times diamonds have been proved to be life saving in many serious disease treatments.


Recently an innovative scientific research team in the United States and Germany has discovered a new application of diamond nanocrystals. These small diamond particles are used as microscopes to see the tiny particles such as a molecule. The day is not so far away when we will be able to see atoms and living cells.

If this would be possible to see atoms, it would be easy to analyse its magnetic effects and fields of it. This means it may be possible that soon stones can be used to store information in the computer system.

Speaker Domes

Diamonds can be used in performance enhancement of high quality speakers. Due to stiff nature of the diamond it can vibrate rapidly when used in a thin dome, without the deformation of the sound, it produces quality sound.

Cutting and Engraving

Diamonds are also used in cutting and engraving hard things such as granite and quartz stones because diamonds are hard enough that it does not break against a hard surface of other stones and metals.

Antidotes for Poison and Disease Treatment

The most entrusting and wondering application of a diamond is its use in medical science for treatment of various diseases. This is used as antidotes for poisons or diseases. These are used for treatment for malignant tumors and killing the cancer cells.

U.S. researchers have developed a pad which has small diamond studded into it. This is used in chemotherapy for tumors. This pad is placed at the location of tumor. The diamond placed on the pad releases drugs directly into the growth. This treatment avoids having side effects. In this way the diamond becomes the life saving medicine for a patient suffering from a tumor, cancer or other poisonous disease.

Heat Sinks

A heat sink is a component in an electronic system which is used to draw the generated heat from the system to surrounding. As diamonds have good thermal conductivity. These are used in the heat sinks for heat dissipation.


As diamonds are said to be best for grinding, cutting and polishing, these are used as abrasives. Some small pieces of diamonds embedded into grinding wheels and saw blades for grinding and cutting purpose.

A diamond’s value is not always determined by a jeweller. They are valuable when they save someone’s life and make various sets of tasks easy and efficient. The diamond has a high cost because it takes much hard work and lots of money for the processes of mining to its final formation. Even being a very costly stone its uses never degrades.