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Having Much Knowledge About Engagement Ring Fingers and Others

Most people know the tradition of wearing a ring of the engagement or diamond wedding ring on the left hand finger, we all know which finger. This is a matter of which ring finger we desire to call it. For several people, it is the left hand’s fourth finger, the engagement ring finger. For people that have a fondness for accuracy they state it is the left hand’s third finger. The thumb is not considered as a finger, but called a thumb.

The following are my light hearted interpretations of putting the rings on particular fingers:

Thumb – Forget that the thumb is officially not an actual finger. For this particular discussion, it is a finger. The thumb is the willpower finger, so people say. It is normally thought of as distinct from the fingers, thus is a symbol of independence. It is moreover a finger of power. Thumbs down and thumbs up as an example. Therefore, a person wearing a diamond ring on the thumb is self-governing, is powerful, has strong willpower, and is a hair splitter, finest I can make out.

Index Finger: The finger, which is wagged as well as pointed. It factually reeks of authority. Moreover, stubbornness, being condescending, being bossy and the requirement to be in control. Each of the positive attributes if you are trying to intimidate your way through life. A diamond ring worn on this finger implies that you are an authority freak and you want everybody to know it.

Middle Finger - or called the second finger, the finger of individual identity. This is the strongest finger your hand has, and can also symbolise a very large ego. No doubt it is the finger utilised for the famous obscene sign of disregard and defiance. A ring worn on this finger can signify a whole slew of diverse things. But my analysis is that a ring put on this finger shows that the person is nothing more than a crude egomaniac.

Fourth Finger – is also known as the ring finger. The tradition of putting an engagement and wedding ring on this finger of the left hand is not widespread. Some cultures put it on the right hand as well. In either of these cases, the ring finger is a sign of creativeness. It is also the slightest more independent of the other fingers. Due to the huge majority of people who wear rings on the fourth finger, there is no bad attributes related to it.

Little Finger - Or pinkie or fourth finger, also known as the finger of relationships. It is the farthest away from the thumb, and we all know the saying that the thumb is the 'hooray for me' finger, therefore the pinkie is the opposite of significance from the thumb. In spite of its smaller size, it is a big sign regarding anything the person putting a ring on it desires to acknowledge, most of it gratifying.

Apart from all the mentioned fingers, there remains one extra possibility; one additional symbolic reason people put a ring on a finger. This prospect applies to any hand and any finger. Perhaps, simply maybe, regardless of all the new age double-talk, people simply like to wear rings on any engagement ring finger, period.