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Expert Guide Regarding Exorbitant Engagement Rings

The Exorbitant that means “Very Expensive” Love band:

“Exorbitant” is truly Subjective:

For sure, the term valuable or precious is relative in nature. As described in the physics, what is movable in your frame might be stationary in mine. Precious could be described in terms of the value or say the efforts made in purchasing that little shining baby. The more you save from your income to invest the more precious it becomes.

Why are these shining rings so costly?

Out of all the reasons, there are 2 prime reasons behind this:

1. The 5 C’s (yes one more than the normal 4Cs
2. Metal Preference

5 C’s are:

Although the specifications given by given by jewellers talks only about 4C’s but the additional 5 th C has become known in recent trends.

(i) Carat Weight

The actual weight of the Diamond! Carat weight is directly proportional the dimensions of it. They are bounded within a limit of carat value, E.g. 1-1.49 Carats, 1.50-1.99 carats & so on. As the carat increases so the rate increases. Bigger diamonds are uniquely seen & hence their prices are also unique *wink*.

(ii) Colour:

Whitest diamonds are the brightest and hence the most expensive ones. These are graded as ‘D’ quality. These are graded till ‘J’. After ‘J’ yellow & brown starts appearing in diamonds and increases as the alphabet continues. Although there are few rare diamonds available which are extremely precious due to the natural coloration they have, which makes them extremely costly & eccentric. Some rings are crafted with these uniquely coloured & alabaster white diamonds creating the most beautiful combination ever.

(iii) Clarity:

Pristine & spotless diamonds are the highest priority. The beautiful glassy finished diamonds are so valuable. Reduced clarity clearly means reduced price tag. VS1 or VS2 are the symbol of great quality.

(iv) Cut:

It has nothing to do with the contours of the diamonds. It is strictly restricted to the uniformity & proportions of it. A marvelously cut diamond will create absolute dazzle when compared to an average cut. Precious and costly diamond rings are crafted with brilliant cuts.

(v) Additional ‘C’ : Celebrity Factor

Mikimoto, Dior, David Yurman are just a few in this enormous sea of diamonds. This addition to the tag of the diamond rings gives them an extra edge which is good enough to pull the customers to them.

Metal Preference:

Metal preference clearly sets the price of the engagements rings, 950 platinum is the 1 st preference.

The overall price is finally decided by the choice of the diamonds and hence the metal preference is being pushed to 2 nd place. Points needed to be remembered:

  1. Precious and high priced rings may be the outcome of the size & shape of the diamonds or the top designers tag hanging to it.
  2. Heritage associated to it also makes it highly priced.
  3. We are able to stock various diamond shapes & sizes, and offer in-house viewings.
  4. You can trust Goldenet for the best Engagement Rings.