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Why is Platinum Preferable for Building Engagement Rings?

Platinum is one of the best choices for building engagement rings. It is comparatively more expensive than various other metal types of a ring. However, platinum is the most suitable because of its purity, durability, colour, and timelessness.


It is one of the purest kinds of metal which is used to make engagement and wedding rings. Gold, for instance, only has 50-75% purity. On the other hand, Platinum rings are built with 90-95% pure metal.


These metal rings are durable in following three distinct ways:

  1. Strong
  2. Resistant to blows as well as scratches
  3. Resistant to bending

This is why they are more preferred than other ring metal preferences. They also require less maintenance by you and a jeweller.


The other reason that platinum rings are comparatively more durable is because they are heavier than the gold rings. A platinum ring which is the similar size in gold will weigh more (as well as be more precious!).


Another benefit of the purity of this metal rings is that the white colour does not grow fainter over time. When you choose white gold for building engagement ring, the colour will fade with time. This is unfavourable for two reasons:

  1. The ring becomes yellowish with time
  2. You will need to get the ring dipped in rhodium once in a while to maintain its look, hence more maintenance required.

How White Gold is built?

The white gold fades with time because it is just an alloy. With the aim to get the “silver” appearance, the yellow gold is mixed with white metals. This can comprise of palladium, manganese, silver, or/nickel nickel. The jeweller afterwards is dipped in rhodium to provide it a whiter finish.

The drawback is that the rhodium finish becomes paler with time. The yellow may ultimately begin to show through. Afterward, you will have to get it dipped in rhodium by a jeweller if you desire to maintain the silver colour.


Another reason for platinum preference is its timelessness. Platinum is a premium quality metal which can be melded into eternal designs that will stay popular for ages. If you are engaged or marrying a special person in your life (Love of your life), then you have anticipated the future. You can possibly imagine all of the upcoming generations, passing down the diamond ring. When you choose a platinum ring, the quality and design will last for many generations.

Goldenet can offer you with a range of different natural and loose diamonds for building engagement rings with platinum metal. We also offer different designs and patterns in ready made platinum engagement and wedding rings. So contact us to now to help you choose a beautiful diamond ring.