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Buyer's Guide to Diamond Bracelets

Bracelets come in all shapes, sizes and designs. They can be fancy or plain, colourful or classical. The range of designs and styles that exist are large, because what can be more beautiful than a sphere of diamonds encircling her wrist, catching everyone’s attention as she moves her arm about.

Diamond bracelets are an extremely elegant piece of jewellery that can be described as a flash of sparkle that cannot be missed when she moves.

A bracelet can be defined as an article of jewellery which is worn around the wrist. The most common type of bracelet is made from metal, like gold.

At GoldeNet Australia our diamond bracelets are unique and timeless. We offer a large range of diamond bracelet designs to match every occasion.

We sell beautiful bracelets including the classics such as:

The Tennis Bracelet: a in-line thin diamond bracelet that features a symmetrical pattern of diamonds set in prongs or a series of channel set baguette and various shaped diamonds. The name tennis bracelet was coined in 1987 when Chris Evert, a former World No. 1 woman tennis player was playing in the US Open when her elegant diamond bracelet broke. The match was interrupted to allow her to recover the diamonds which fell off the bracelet. The tennis bracelet can be worn at all times of the time. It is a classical style that will never go out of fashion.

The Diamond Bangle: Bracelets which are in a sold form, made from a metal. Bangles can be smooth, textured and set with beautiful diamonds. Bangles are extremely popular, a woman can never have to many bangles to throw on her wrist either by itself or with others.

The Locket Diamond Bracelets: These are bracelets which have a locket attached to the side of the bracelet. The locket is a beautiful extra to the bracelet described as a pendant which may hold something inside.

There is no need to wear only one style of bracelet, as each style can be worn for a different occasion. It is not a case of only one style suiting each woman. A woman should have a diamond bracelet in all styles to match every occasion. This makes buying a diamond bracelet as a present a lot easier. There are however a few bits of information that need to be known when buying a diamond bracelet as a gift:

  1. If the wearer has a very slender wrist and arm it is best for her to wear a narrow bracelet or a bracelet which has many open spaces within it, as this gives a light appearance.
  2. An average size wrist means that the wearer can look beautiful with any style of diamond bracelet.
  3. A wider wrist will look best adorned with a bigger bracelet. Something that has enough substance to bring attention to it, otherwise it may get lost on the wearers arm.

No matter what style of diamond bracelet you choose to buy it is important to choose the right metal to accompany the diamonds. The metal will set the scene for the entire bracelet and how shiny or matt it is will determine which clothes can be worn with it. The diamond shape chosen to be set into the bracelet can change the entire look. Baguette, and larger sized princess diamonds are extremely elegant, while round diamonds are warmer and more bolder when the carat is larger.

Diamond bracelets are very fragile and therefore need to be looked after properly. They should not be worn while doing gardening, housework and especially dished. You should always check that the diamonds are secure in their setting, as diamond bracelets do suffer from wear and tear.

The bottom line is that you cannot really go wrong with purchasing a diamond bracelet as a gift. Just be sure to know what type of wrist she has and what colour metal she wears and we guarantee she will have trouble taking it off.