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Buying the Perfect diamond

Buying a diamond piece of jewellery is not an ordinary purchase and should not be treated us such. Finding that perfect diamond which sparkles in the right way and shines bright enough is easy for the staff at GoldeNet Australia. We may be an online diamond store but that does not mean we do not have people behind the scenes who are extremely qualified and skilled in helping you find the perfect diamond. Buying diamonds can be quite a daunting and overwhelming task; the types of diamonds are endless and the styles of jewellery are vast. This is why we guarantee we can help you find that stunning engagement ring, fantastic pair of diamond earrings, elegant diamond necklace or even the breathtaking loose diamond you are looking for.

If you know what you are looking for:

If you know exactly what you are after you probably will not need our help as our website is very easy to navigate through. Our pictures are crystal clear and are explanations are honest and reliable.
However, if you know exactly what you are looking for and cannot find it on the website we encourage you to send us an email or call us and describe what it is you are after, or even send us a picture and we guarantee we can make it for you. GoldeNet Australia has their own factory and expert designers who are extremely qualified in what they do.

If you do not know what you are looking for:

If you are only beginning your diamond research we are happy to spend the time to talk to you about what makes a diamond beautiful and what to look out for when choosing a diamond. Our education centre on our site goes into great detail about the 4Cs and other pieces of valuable information, including “Engagement ring advice” and “How to build your own diamond ring”.
We are also here to provide valuable suggestions about what type of diamond goes best with a particular setting, how wide the solitaire band should be to make the diamond look bigger, and provide you with honest advice about the quality of the diamond you have chosen. We will not let you make a purchase without knowing all the facts about what you have chosen.

We at GoldeNet Australia want to do the hard work for you. If you tell us what type of diamond you are looking for, and any characteristics that you know you want, we will find the perfect diamond for you to match your desired characteristics and your budget. Even if you do not know what type of diamond you are after we are here to help.

Contact us on   1300 361 873 or email us at, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to help.