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Diamond Colour

by Eli Butbul

A diamond acts like a prism whereby light can be divided into a spectrum of colours. A colourless diamond, allows more light to pass through it than a coloured diamond, these colourless diamonds reflect the light as colourful flashes called ‘fire’. The less colour in a diamond the more colourful the fire and hence the better the diamond grade. Colour in a diamond acts as a filter and reduces the range of colour exuded.

The perfect diamond is actually colourless. The less colour (yellow) a diamond permeates the more rare and valuable it actually is. A letter grade is given to a diamond to describe the subtle tones of colour in the stone.
D is perfectly colourless and therefore the most rare and expensive. As you progress from D to Z on the alphabet colour scale, the level of colour increases with traces of a yellowish or brownish colour.

Vibrant colours such as pink, red, blue and green are constantly being discovered, but due to their rarity are incredibly expensive. These colours do not follow the normal colour scale and are categorised separately.

At GoldeNet Australia you will only find the finest diamonds, therefore we do not offer diamonds that have been graded below M.

Which Colour Grade Should I Choose?

Diamonds graded D through F are naturally the most valuable and desirable because of their rarity. The rarity and value of these diamonds are reflected in their price. This does not mean that diamonds graded below F are not considered to be very attractive. Diamonds graded G through I show virtually no colour visible to the untrained eye. Diamonds graded J through M show an extremely faint trace of yellow, however this faint hint of colour can be minimised by the careful selection of the right jewellery setting on which to mount your diamond.

D, E, F = For the purest diamond, diamonds graded D-F are superb diamonds and are more expensive.

G, H, I, J = For excellent value in a diamond with no noticeable colour to the untrained eye. Nearly colourless diamonds with noticeable colour when compared to higher grade diamonds. These are high quality and are excellent value.

K, L, M = Faint yellow diamonds.

N, O, P, Q, R = Very light yellow diamonds. GoldeNet Australia does not offer these diamonds.

S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z = Light yellow diamonds. GoldeNet Australia does not offer these diamonds.