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Difference Between a Certificate and an Appraisal

It is important to realise that a certificate and an appraisal are two very distinct and separate documents.
A certificate is a diamond grading report or diamond dossier which is created by a gemologist, who has analysed the diamond to ascertain its quality, dimensions, clarity, cut, colour, inclusions and other characteristics. It provides every specific detail about the diamond. The certificate acts as a guarantee of the quality and value of the diamond.
A certificate is not synonymous with an appraisal. A certificate describes the quality of a diamond, but it does not place a monetary value on the diamond. GoldeNet Australia’s diamonds are graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) one of the most respected laboratories in the diamond industry. GIA is known for having the most consistent and accurate system for grading diamonds. Thus a diamond with a GIA certificate is highly regarded. The quality of their work is guaranteed. GoldeNet Australia also sells diamonds certified by the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) another well known gemologist company.
Thus a certificate is not created by the company that is selling the diamond to you, and is only a legitimate certificate if it was created by a gemologist. Certified diamonds are usually dearer than uncertified diamonds as the difference in price compensates for the actual analysis of the diamond and the creation of the certificate.
An appraisal is created by the diamond seller. The appraisal, like the certificate, states the characteristics of the diamond however it also provides the market value of the diamond. Therefore the appraisal is used for insurance purposes. At GoldeNet Australia, the appraisals we provide are created by our parent company H&T Goldman. Every item of diamond jewellery we sell is accompanied by an appraisal. Therefore if you purchase a certified diamond, you will receive the diamond certificate and an appraisal.

Is it better to purchase a certified diamond or a non-certified diamond?

The only difference between a certified and a non-certified diamond is that the certified diamond has been assessed by a third party and a certificate has been made. This usually makes the certified diamond more expensive then the non-certified diamond. Whether to buy a certified diamond or a non-certified diamond is purely a question of choice. Some people like to have the certificate as an added assurance to remind them what they have purchased as well as provide them with that extra peace of mind. While other people would rather spend the difference in price on upgrading the diamond they were looking to purchase. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, which is why at GoldeNet Australia we sell both certified and uncertified diamonds to ensure we have diamonds to suit everyone’s wants and desires.