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Loose Diamond Policy

GoldeNet Australia has an extensive range of loose diamonds. We are constantly adding new diamonds to our list to ensure that you can find whatever you are looking for. Every night the list of loose diamonds is being updated to add new ones and take off the ones which have been sold that day. Due to our fantastic range and great prices our loose diamonds are being sold at an unbelievable rate. Due to this fact we have introduced a new loose diamond policy to ensure you will not be disappointed.

Loose diamond Policy:

  • If you have found the loose diamond you like please send us an email or call us to let us know which diamond you have decided to purchase.
  • We will determine whether the loose diamond has been sold or not and contact you with the news as soon as we know.
  • If the loose diamond has unfortunately been sold we will provide you with at least one other loose diamond option that is very similar to your originally request.

We apologise in advance if the loose diamond of your choice has been sold, but unfortunately this is the nature of any online business. However we will endeavour to help you find another beautiful loose diamond from our range.