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Why are our prices so low?

Retail jewellers typically mark up their diamond jewellery by 150-250%. This is a fact of the jewellery business. However, GoldeNet Australia is a subsidiary of H&T Goldman, a well known and established diamond wholesaler in New York City. Therefore at GoldeNet Australia we have the liberty of selling our products at wholesale prices. We eliminate the middleman in bringing you our beautiful diamond jewellery which means that our prices come straight to you from our factory. By being an online company we eliminate overhead costs such as fancy displays, employee salaries and shop rent. Therefore our operating costs are extremely low and we pass on our savings to our customers. Thus you have the assured exceptional quality of our beautiful diamonds at the lowest possible prices.

At GoldeNet Australia we are so confident that our prices are the lowest in the industry that we are happy to make a promise to you that you will not find your desired diamond jewellery with the exact 4C specifications anywhere for a lower price than at GoldeNet Australia.

At GoldeNet Australia we value our customers and it is with great pleasure that we offer you the very best prices.