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Facts to make you feel safe buying your engagement rings

Engagement rings are the symbol that a couple is tied up in an everlasting bond of love. This engagement marks the beginning of a romantic connection filled with togetherness and unconditional love. To make your occasion remarkable, you can give an attractive, diamond- studded ring which your partner would adore to flaunt around among her relatives and friends.

In order to make your occasion of your engagement memorable and lovely, you are advised to perform a lot of research before purchasing our engagement ring. Once you have found the most suitable diamond ring it is essential you know how to protect and keep it safe for ever. Below are several points about the best way to ensure your valuable engagement ring remains safe.

Outdoor Activities

Certain activities like gardening or camping are incompatible with diamond rings for many of the same reasons as playing sports while wearing your engagement ring. Moreover, there is the additional exasperation stemming from your ring turning muddy or dirty and losing its shine. Camping also has the extra risk of the ring's being lost in the woods which is guaranteed to make it nearly impossible to locate. This similarly applies to places like the beach, where sand can simply slip under the stone and can damage the engagement ring

Physical Activities

Sports and other physical activities are one of the easiest ways to damage a priceless diamond engagement ring and can moreover lead to other kinds of ring-related trouble. For example, should you hurt your hand or finger, it might puff up, making the ring very hard to remove; instead, the jewel can minimally slip off your finger for the duration of a game or workout, or become damaged after it is hit by a ball or other object.


In what is really a surprising revelation for most women, pampering as well as self-indulgent sessions are not completely compatible with an expensive gem, either. Shopping sprees where copious numbers of clothes are tried on, can easily cause the ring to get caught in fabric and either become damaged or ruin the item of clothing. Salon appointments for nails, on the other hand, bear the risk of squirting chemicals onto the diamond ring or of leaving it behind. Because of this reason, stones are best left at home if any of such activities are incorporated in the day's plans. Possibly even more unexpectedly, showering and sleeping can also be the reason damage to the ring occurs, as it can fall off in the night, or turn dulled by continuous exposure to water and soaps.

So, a little care is important to making your engagement ring last as it is the symbol of love presented to you by your life partner.