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Choose the Right Bands for the Engagement Rings

Choosing a right Engagement ring is really tedious task. But before choosing, you first need to decide on your budget. Once you have decided a price range within your budget, you need to decide the kind of ring your fiancé would like to wear. You can take help from her family and friends to work out her style and tastes.

After considering the budget and knowing about her tastes, you have to decide the type of diamond and the gemstones you are going to use in the ring. Next you have to decide the metal for the band. There are many kinds of precious metals used in the ring such as platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, silver etc. Here is a short description on choosing the right metal for your engagement ring.

Yellow gold

Yellow gold is the traditional metal for jewellery. Gold comes with different grades in carat. “24 carat gold” is said to be the purest. Pure gold is so soft that it can’t be used for making the rings. Gold is mixed with some metal alloys to make the ring strong and durable. Many people use yellow gold and dark colour diamonds such as ruby, blue diamonds and the transparent pink diamonds for making the rings. Gold is a precious metal and its cost is decided according to the amount of purity it has. Many jewellers have various beautiful designs for engagement rings you can ask them for a catalogue, which will help you decide from various designs of rings they make. They can provide you with a stunning engagement ring design which does not include diamonds. That will cost you less than the rings with diamonds but better you choose the diamond ring because girls love to wear diamond.

Rose gold

Rose gold is slightly pink colour gold. Many jewellers have attractive designs for rose gold rings. This metal can also be the good option for your engagement band. This can be used in combination with other metals also. Rose gold with platinum looks pretty and eye-grabbing. If you are choosing the rose gold alone, you can put a light colour diamond mounted on top which will look stunning.


Now days a platinum ring is becoming more popular in the market of wedding and engagement rings. It is a higher cost compared to the rings made from other metals because platinum is one of the rarest metals found on earth. Platinum is mostly used in the diamond jewellery. You can choose any of the diamonds with any kind of cut and colour. This ring always draws the attention from everyone in the crowd.

You have lots of other choices such as white gold and titanium etc. for engagement rings band. According to your budget and choice make a thoughtful decision. You can also ask for help from online stores like GoldeNet.