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2016: Latest Trends of Engagement Rings

Having the knowledge of current trends that have recently entered the marketplace can benefit a consumer when it comes to purchasing an engagement ring for their loved one. For the new diamond purchaser, the job is overwhelming, but knowing the current trends can make the task much easier. Diamond engagement ring trends keep coming and going and to keep up to date with the latest, it is essential to stay tuned. Your fiancé will like and appreciate you for the research and the efforts you have done to understand the current trends.

Several Latest Trends in Engagement Ring

The Round Brilliant cut Diamond Ring: This is an evergreen preference that will everlastingly remain the unquestionable ruler. It is an iconic choice which can be mounted either in a six-prong setting or in a four prong setting. Its loveliness lies in its elegance as well as in its fire, forming the ultimate preference for all diamond ring lovers. It is a style which will never go out of fashion.

Split Shanks: A style which has been in existence for a long time as well as which still enjoys a lot fame is actually the split shank setting. This is a style which has huge scope for customisation and for adding other details. This is not simply a popular selection for women, but a dream choice as well. The appearance of the split shank can be highlighted with diamond accents or any further coloured gemstones. Coloured gemstones will boost the look of the centre stone and this is one benefit of the split shank setting.

Mixed Metals: Two distinct metals when combined develop an innovative engagement ring. This mixture can be carried out on any ring style of your preference. You can collaborate the assorted metal with a halo setting, the antique setting, the solitaire setting, the split shank setting or any further trendy settings of your choice and achieve a unique and classic look.

Stackable Rings: these rings have been on centre stage in 2016. They are the most modern trends as well as are being flaunted via a number of celebrities. Apart from making her wear just a single ring, stack up her beautiful finger with a diamond engagement ring, with anniversary bands or a wedding bands. There will achieve an ultimate spark from each angle.

Floral Motifs: Another appealing way to articulate your love is to choose a floral-themed ring. Such style detains the essence of a flower in various patterns as well as renders a enduring tradition. You can join geometric and modern looks to offer a delicate and unique beauty or can even choose an engraved floral motif on the ring.

Antique Rings: Though the word ‘antique’ implies old, the antique fashion is still very much in trend. They are appropriate for somebody in a search of something out of the box. This fashion is a beautiful combination of the traditional as well as the contemporary charm which renders it an eternal beauty. It is an extraordinary way to express the message: “Our love will never ever end”.

Coloured Centre Stones: Though diamond stones remain the most favoured option when we talk about choosing an engagement ring of your lover’s choice, coloured gemstones have lately surged in recognition. The blend of pave diamonds on the ring or around a centre, coloured stone makes for a dazzling beauty that is certain to be a magnet for all the passers- by. You can choose other combinations or can also customise an engagement ring with your preference of coloured gemstones as well as diamond accents.