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Choose Best Engagement Ring as per Zodiac Signs - Part 2

Continuing our previous talk, let’s complete the discussion about the remaining Zodiac signs to recommend for you the best suitable engagement ring for these Zodiacs people.


Libras are the people having birthdays between September 23 to October 22.This kind of person loves to stand out in the big crowd, hence the look and quality of the ring needs to be different. A princess-cut or pear-cut diamond engagement ring will be most suitable for them. An array of diamonds on the band will distinguish her or him.

Opal is the gemstones generally advised for the Libra people. These will activate their inner innovations and creativity. Make use of this stone together with diamonds on the ring. That will provide new thrill and excitement in your lovely relationship too.


The Scorpio people have birth dates from the October 23 to November 21. These type of people are passionate, sensitive and emotional. The engagement ring should show their feelings. The lovely array of diamonds together with dark rubies will give your partner a special feeling.

Garnets are a perfect gemstone for the Scorpio people. Garnet takes the sensuality as well as inner beauty out.


If talking about the Sagittarius people, they belong to the dates between November 22 to December 21.These are the people and especially women who love blue. All shades of blue, a sky-blue diamond on their ring will make them content and happy.

Turquoise is suitable for Sagittarius people to enhance and control their temper and inner strength. This will get your ring looking different when added with diamonds.


Capricorns have birthdates in the range of December 22 to January 19. They are ambitious as well as like to be ahead of everybody else. They are the type of individuals who seek power. A fabulous emerald cut diamond engagement ring will truly touch their heart and mind.

Snowflake Obsidian is recommended to be worn by the Capricorn people. This improves their leadership quality and also much more.


People born between the dates of January 20 to February 18. These people are charming as well as love to talk. The engagement ring must be a perfect statement in itself. The sparkling halo-cut diamond engagement ring will be the best for these people.

Amber and Hematite are the handy gemstones for them. These stones can be finely utilised with diamonds.


The birthdates of Pisces’s is from February 19 to March 20. They are the people who love to reside in dreams. They are the people who generally like to tell stories. They would surely like to have a simple round-cut diamond stone studded into a gold band.

So, these were all you needed to know. Choose your perfect diamond engagement ring which absolutely suits your would-be groom or bride as well as their personality and star sign.