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Factors to consider when buying and engagement ring

Shopping for engagement rings can be stressful. Imagine having to run from one store, to another and another just to compare different styles, types and prices of rings. It can be very exhausting. On top of that, buying a ring is not as easy as just picking it out and then paying for it either. There are a few things you should ask your jeweller before you buy your engagement rings.

Where are your diamonds from?

There is more costs to a diamond than just its price tag. Knowing where your diamonds comes from is important to ensure that they are not negatively impacting or enabling exploitation in other areas of the world.

When you buy diamonds from conflict zones you are enabling the conflict and would be indirectly causing harm to war torn and disadvantaged countries who fight over the control of these diamond mines.

When enough consumers are conflict conscious, it signals to jewellery stores not to source their diamonds from these areas. Thus, reducing the profitability of these diamond mine suppliers and reducing their conflicts.

Good jewellers will know where their diamonds are sourced and would be more than happy to tell you the details. For example, here at GoldeNet we are proud to offer conflict free diamonds to our customers certified by reputable institutes. For more information about where we source our diamonds do not hesitate to contact us directly for a prompt answer.

What are your exchange, warranty or return policies?

Like we said earlier, buying an engagement ring is quite stressful and sometimes with all that excitement you might forget some practical things. Rather than being too fixated on style, design & price of engagement rings or wedding bands - you should also consider what the policies are concerning exchange, warranty or return in the occasion that the ring isn’t right or becomes damaged.

This will be important for questions of if you purchase the wrong ring, if it’s the wrong ring size or for if you find imperfections in the ring.

Before you choose, order or finalise the purchase, don’t be afraid to ask your jeweller about their policies on exchange, warranty and returns. Be sure to thoroughly read these too because these policies are unlikely to yield, and are often fairly strict.

For example, with GoldeNet we allow exchanges, returns and refund under certain rules and conditions such as being returned within a number of days or the condition the ring has to be the way you received it before returning it.

For more information on our exchange, warranty or return policies, click here:

What insurance do you recommend?

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, so insurance ensures your rings are in safe hands. Your jeweller is the source of all knowledge and therefore they would know what kind of insurance you may need for your ring- and yes, you need insurance! For example, earlier we wrote a blog on all the reasons why you might need insurance for an antique engagement ring ( The process is low cost, hassle free and it is completely up to you which insurance company you prefer. It’s a small price to pay to protect your rings for a lifetime.

Does it come it come with free cleaning and repairs?

An engagement ring can be a delicate thing, so sometimes after a while your ring might become damaged, even if it isn’t super visible. For example, the prongs might be bent, there might be visible dents or scratches on the diamond or the stone might be loose. Whatever it is, your jeweller might offer cleaning and repair services or at least recommend you to one. Sometimes these services are free, but some may over charge - but it is still good to ask.

At GoldeNet, although we don’t explicitly offer cleaning and repair services, we do believe in self- maintenance of your diamond jewellery, so you don’t have to fork out the extra money to repair or clean it. Below are two insightful blogs on how you can maintain your rings for longer.. For tips on well maintaining your diamonds click here: maintain-and-clean-your-diamond

For 4 easy steps on how to clean your diamond jewellery at home click here:

Can my engagement ring be modified?

Sometimes you may not be able to find the perfect ring you’re looking for. Maybe a ring you’ve been looking at would look better if it had a different band colour or maybe if the stone was a different cut. Not all jewellers offer this but ask if you can customise or modify current rings. Something to note is jewellers that offer this service may be overloaded with work already, meaning it might take a while before you get what you’re looking for.

At GoldeNet, our website services allows you to fully customise your engagement ring from setting choice, diamond and stone choice, to size and band colour. You know what the best thing is? These modified and customised rings are delivered to you within a week or so, hassle free. To explore these features check out our GoldeNet store:

If you have a quick question, feel free to chat with us by clicking on this chat bubble below or call us on 1300 361 873.