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Things You Should Know When Purchasing an Antique Engagement Ring

Purchasing an antique engagement ring is a scary task. Whether you are purchasing for your to-be fiancée, or you are the one of those 65% of brides who is involved in the shopping experience. Either way, it is the enduring symbol of a very strong relationship of your life. Hence, you need to ensure you get it right!

Victorian Period

In this period, the Victorian Queen had an immense love of her family and this romanticism is expressed in the engagement rings and jewellery of the period. Flowers, bows, hearts, and birds were famous with the diamond and other gem, which the Queen was a huge admirer of.

Georgian Period

Purchasing jewellery from this period means you are sure to get a unique piece; approximately all pieces were built by makers and designed before any mass production methods were used.

Diamond engagement rings from this era were greatly influenced by nature, often designed into the shapes of birds, leaves, and also insects! Hence, if you are a nature lover you will love patterns from this Georgian period.

Art Nouveau Period

In this period, the design and craftsmanship of pieces was supreme, and gemstones and materials took on a secondary significance. This implies diamond rings from the period have truly many beautiful artistry and designs, while coming in a range of gemstones and materials. So if you love the design and artistry of the period and have your heart set on a definite kind of stone, a good search would mean you will get your dream ring!

Edwardian Period

Unlike the period of Art Nouveau which used a broad variety of materials as well as gemstones, the diamonds and platinum were so much preferred in the Edwardian period.

Cosmopolitan and delicate designs defined antique engagement rings of the period and in case you like to choose a graceful look, then you cannot be wrong here.

Art Deco Period

The Art Deco period was defined via the liberation of the jazz era as well as popular culture greatly influenced the restlessness of the jewellery. If you are a sucker for big retro style and have been a jazz lover, an Art Deco ring may have a special meaning for you.

Retro Period

In this period, designs became square and chunky and illusion settings – providing the appearance of a larger gem, which thus become trendy for engagement rings, portraying the financial hardships of wearers at the moment.

Where to purchase?

You may think purchasing an antique engagement ring or any estate jewellery implies going to independent antique jewellery shops with no other alternative for seeing/touching the item you are purchasing with your own eyes prior to purchase. This is not the case. There now exists websites where independent jewellers list their stock – Such as Goldenet, – facilitating you to research jewellers’ stock of engagement rings without going anywhere, saving time and money.

The supreme thing when purchasing an antique engagement ring is that you feel happy wearing it. It will be a ring you wear for the rest of your life, so ensure you get something that pleases you. Antique ring period provide a wide variety of materials, looks, and diamonds, and by knowing what period matches your requirement, and spending time to explore options on the internet, you can narrow your search down and truly save time to acquire your dream ring. By having this knowledge as well as a good understanding of the 4 C’s you will be sure to attain a high quality ring which you can enjoy for your lifetime!