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Pairing a Unique Estate Wedding Ring with a Band

Whenever a vintage engagement is bought, a question always arises, how to pair this with the wedding ring. Many of you might plan to drop the option of a vintage ring, because they won’t match. However we would like to introduce you to new styling possibilities.

Now-a-days, the engagement ring collection consists of unique pieces, from late 1800s to late 1900s which gives you a wide variety of options to choose from. These rings are a part of history so the details of the rings are quite intricate & unusual. These beautiful & unique pieces often create confusion of what to choose. They also create confusion because they are bigger in size & hence take up more space. They consist of beautiful gemstones with interesting patterns and details. Some of them have some different quality which makes them difficult to pair with wedding rings.

Here are few ways by which you can pair the antique estate ring with a wedding Band:

Embrace the Gap:
Very few people know that pairing the engagement ring with the wedding ring is a fairly new culture. Some famous engagement rings are, Queen Victoria’s snake ring, Jackie Kennedy’s split shank emerald ring, Princess Diana’s sapphire halo, and Audrey Hepburn’s stacked set of bezel rings.

These are some best known rings in the vogue world and they do not sync with the wedding rings.

Having some difference in your engagement ring & wedding ring is a new trend. So, why not to follow it? Simply go with the flow. Keep your style unique. For a more blended look, you can choose wedding ring that has a similar design or has same number or pattern of gemstones in it. Another option is to choose to keep your engagement ring simple with a precious metal band as your wedding ring.

Choose an Antique Matching Set

You can select pre-matched sets which consist of a wedding ring & an engagement ring. These were common in the retro period.

Customise a Wedding Band

Take your engagement ring to the jeweller and customise your wedding ring accordingly. There are techniques like hand carved wax technique or CAD imaging technique which allows the jeweller to map the engagement ring and hence design your wedding ring accordingly. Some jewellers do the job by hand finishing and using old school techniques which keep the retro essence of your rings unaltered.

Wear Your Rings on Different Hands

This is the traditional method & some women boldly go for this method. This custom adds more flexibility in choosing the engagement ring which is unique in nature. You can now choose any ring of your choice without overshadowing the beauty of any of the ring. You can wear your wedding ring on one hand & engagement ring on another.

Final Thoughts

No matter which method you go for, do not forget that estate engagement ring & wedding ring can be worn together. Choose the right jeweller that will help choose the right wedding rings for you, who will allow you to keep your choice and still maintain harmony for both the rings.