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Picking the Best Custom Made Engagement Rings

Choosing the jewel that is going to stay with your sweetheart forever is not an easy task. The situation becomes even more challenging when you are naïve in purchasing jewellery. Our other female companions come to the rescue when it comes to purchasing jewellery. If you are planning to shop for the jewel for your fiancée, then all you have to do is find the size of her ring.

If you are planning on choosing a custom ring then there are few points which you must remember before purchasing Custom made engagement rings:

  1. Big no to big brands. They are expensive and it is likely that you will find its copy in local market because of its popularity.
  2. Family-owned stores are your friends. You will find something which will be unique to their store.
  3. You can get information like designer of the ring and place of production through the jeweller.
  4. You can check out the jewellers online and can get the estimate.
  5. You can approach the jeweller who uses 3D software for designing the jewellery. The 3D model will give you a more precise and accurate design of the ring you are planning to get customised.


How Rings Are Made?

The production of rings is a delicate and time taking process. Each step in the process is monitored by a jewellery specialist. There are four major steps involved in the making of a ring:

1. The Design: Established and renowned jewellers have an in-house design team who work regularly to create new designs and also modify their existing ones inspired by their old manuscripts. The designing is a very important aspect as it will impact the final output which should be appealing to the eye. The symmetry, band size and diamonds are the important factors which are to be considered while designing the famous knot design ring. This is the final blueprint to create the final design.

2. Ring Assembly: The goldsmith assembles the castings of the ring; the three steps to assemble the ring are the shank, followed by the centre mount and the trinity shoulders. After fastening the shank securely, each jewel is soldered carefully with the centre mount. The ring is then dipped into a picking compound to get rid of the discoloration in the metal created by the soldering.

3. Setting the Stone: The dimensions of the diamond are measured beforehand so as to ensure the mount fits perfectly. After that, the claws are set in place. Each claw is slowly pushed down separately to maintain the level of the diamond’s position in the mount. Each prong is rounded off and filed down to make sure that no gap remains between the diamond and the ring.

4. Polishing: After the making is complete, the gold still does not shine like you see at the store. Polishing is important to give the ring a shine and finesse. The head of the ring is refined by a mechanical polisher with a narrow bristle. Then the ring is buffed to remove any stains or rough spots from the shank. Then, the sides of the ring are smoothed out and flattened by the use of a firm felt. And last, Rouge is used to give the final gleaming touch.

Custom made engagement rings can truly make a lady stand out. It not only defines the uniqueness of the design but also the importance of the experience and the moment. You should always buy something which is unique in the world and only owned by you and your loved one.