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Suggestions to Have Your Own Custom Made Engagement Rings

When planning to propose to a girl, a man desires to present the best diamond ring that he can give to the girl he loves. Many times, men don't want to purchase any regular ring which can be seen in any online jewellery shops. This is where the thought of having a custom made ring comes from. So, if you are planning to spend money on purchasing a ring, why not customise it? It is the best idea to create your diamond ring from scratch. In this way, you will get to add a personal touch to personalise the ring.

Let’s Begin the Task

First of all, you need to find somebody who can do ring customisation. It's not very hard as most online jewellery stores proficiently provide this service. But choosing the right one is essential, Goldenet is the best for this service. You begin by choosing the gem. Several people don’t know the importance and specialities of diamonds and choose the normal birthstone. But for knowledgeable and traditional ones, diamond stones are a top choice for engagement rings. If you really want to make it different, pick a coloured diamond rather than a plain one.

The suitable metal for the band for engagement ring must also be taken under consideration. You should ensure that the band is durable as well as not easily scratched. Moreover, it must also match the diamond you choose. Yellow gold is much more popular in custom made engagement rings for the proposals. White gold and platinum are also achieving popularity in the present years. Multi-tone metals are also a great, unique idea.

After selecting the band and the diamond, you can now choose the ring setting. In the engagement ring settings, pave and pronged are very trendy. Pronged settings are very elegant and simple and basically utilise the gem as well as the band together. It is much more affordable as well. But, if you can spend more, you can have the pave setting made. This is created by a big diamond in the middle together with the smaller diamond stones all over the band.

Afterward, you can adjoin some engravings on the customised rings if you like when you decide on the engagement ring setting to utilise. This will include something more special and value to the ring you will offer to your girlfriend. You can have the date of the occasion engraved and your initials. You can additionally get the words "I Love You" or "Marry Me" engraved on the desired ring. You have the choice to get it engravedoin the outside of the ring or within the band for the privacy.

It is essential that you take quotations so you will be familiar with the cost of the custom made engagement rings when you have decided on the design as well as the setting you desire. They will be given various prices for the service, the diamond as well as the metal band, and it is all the time best to recognise which among the service providers offer the most affordable diamond ring. Don't overlook to consider the timing of the custom made ring, so you better ask the online store how much time the ring will take to make.