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Thinking of Custom Made Engagement Rings? Read Down for the Guide

If you want to have the beautiful custom made engagement ring, here are some points that I have learned from my experience:

1. Start early

It takes around a month of back-and- forth before you can get the right ring. Here's how the procedure works: You consult with the designer, then he will create a sketch based on your preferences and present diamond; then, he will develop a raw structure of the ring so that you can review it before he can put the finishing touch to it. The structure isn't polished as well as it doesn't enclose diamond side stones, therefore you'll need to use your imagination to imagine what the final ring will look like after the final touch, and afterward it will created to perfection.

Locate an online store that is happy to work with you until you're 100% pleased with the product and design.

2. Pick a reputable jeweller

You can ask family members, friends, or other former brides who can give you personal recommendations to get services from right company. If you are purchasing a diamond, it must available with a GIA (which stands for Gemmological Institute of America, Inc.) certification or some other evaluation through a certified jewellery institution.

3. What to Evaluate in a diamond?

Knowing the 4 C's (cut, colour, clarity and carat weight) are very important and it truly depends on your budget primarily, and personal taste and preferences second. However, I was amazed to learn that the brilliance and sparkle of a diamond relies a lot on its cut more than anything else.

One way to save much is by choosing a diamond with a carat weight which is a little smaller than the so called "magic sizes" one carat, two carats, one-and- a-half carats, etc. It's almost impossible for the average customer to tell the distinction between two diamond stones that are very close in size.

Grooms, if you really want to surprise your future bride by choosing the ring on your own then have a look in her closet to have knowledge about her tastes and preferences when it comes to jewellery. Does she generally own white gold or other warmer tones? Do her jewellery tend to be more ornate or simple? Consider her way of life too. This will assist you in choosing the right ring.

4. It can be easier (as well as cheaper) to buy the engagement and wedding ring from the same place.

Going to the same vendor for both the rings is beneficial because the jeweller becomes familiar with you as well as your sense of style. Also, according to my experience, jewellers may be more enthusiastic to work with you on reasonable pricing if you are a repeat customer. There is a fallacy that custom-designed jewellery costs a fortune; obviously, it differs as per the labour and ornamentation entailed, but it can even cost less sometimes.

If you are purchasing your ring online, it might be accommodating to ask how the wedding ring shopping policy works beforehand. For example, my friend's husband purchased her engagement ring online, and the jeweller required that she mail it back to them with the aim to buy a wedding band, she did so and received it on time and in an efficient manner.

Goldenet provides the same services in a very efficient manner to make your purchase of custom made engagement rings successful. So, choose them for a reliable service.