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The Today’s trends of Diamonds Melbourne for Savvy Consumers

It is one thing to purchase jewellery because you are fond of it, but a completely different matter when you want to make a statement - that is a fashion statement. Finding out that consumer tastes and preferences shift on a whim, professional jewellery designers are continuously developing new lines and styles of fashion jewellery and keeping a pulse on today’s trends to bring to you diamond jewellery Melbourne which is unique, stylish and very much satisfying.

We have been following such trends for a lot of years and have noticed that consumers are all the time looking for the brightest, newest, biggest, and extremely beautiful diamonds Melbourne. Just what are the present trends? Read on, here we will discuss what is hot today!

The Current Hot Trends

Multiple Real Diamonds- Diamond solitaire rings stay popular, but many buyers are selecting three-stone rings also featuring a big centre stone mounted between a pair of smaller diamonds. Moreover, often such gems are quite big - no minimalists look here.

Single Carat Will Just Not Do- Diamonds less than one carat will all the time be popular, but bigger stones having three carats or more are adopted by couples who desire to flash some bling. 5 carat diamond solitaires were not at all very common, but a higher number of consumers want the largest stone that they can get nowadays.

White Diamonds Melbourne is Beautiful, but coloured loose diamonds are amazing - white diamonds stay the most desired diamond colour on the market, but fancy coloured stones are prized for their scarcity. Pink is lot trendier, but also are other rare colours comprising green, orange, blue, black and purple. The rarer the stone's colour, the more the diamonds will cost. However, yellow is not a colour that shoppers want as it is considered undesirable, consequently not anything to be prized.

Several Settings Never Change – Around two thirds or more of all diamond ring metals are made of yellow gold, but there is some interest in platinum and white gold. Platinum is the priciest, but it is costed by people who like to flash around their large diamonds and expensive bling.

The Fashionist - Not content with purchasing store brand diamond jewellery, customers persist to flock to chief designers to see what they have to offer. Goldenet is one of the top names in diamond fashion jewellery today, offering a broad range of beautiful rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and more. Savvy consumers of the present times are just as likely to purchase their jewellery by the name as they are by its price and style.

Of course, purchasing any kind of jewellery is a personal decision one depending largely on your tastes as well as flair for drama. Customer tastes and preferences may be change, but professional savvy jewellers serve all kinds of shoppers from the traditional purchaser to the celebrity diva. You can get the best real diamonds Melbourne from us that can meet all your expectations.

Here you will find the other details regarding present trends of diamonds.