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Mounted and Loose Diamonds: Knowing the Best!

So you've settled on Diamond Jewellery for your anniversary or engagement. You have made the trendiest choice! But, prior to your purchase, there are many deliberations you still need to consider before making that concluding decision. Do you look out for that flawless loose diamond and then opt for your own setting or do you purchase a stone which is already within a setting?

This question needs to be answered before you make a final decision. Should a person buy a loose gemstone or a diamond previously set in a perfect ring? Some considerations are mentioned below. You can review them to find out which is right for your particular circumstance.

Some Considerations when Choosing the Best One

  1. Generally, when a solitare stone or just a few stones are preferred for a ring, earrings or necklace, they can simply be selected as loose diamonds and thus the purchaser knows precisely what they are getting. It may be slightly more costly this way as one is not purchasing the "packaged deal" provided by a jeweller, but it offers you the choice in diamonds you desire.
  2. When a ring having numerous smaller diamonds is desired, it is often much easier to buy the ring "as is" except you must consider having a voice in the selection of the main or centre diamond. Main or centre gemstones can simply be pulled from a setting and the latest sparkling stone of your choice is put in its place. In this way, you have control over the most expensive and important aspect of the ring. If you have extra time and patience, the tiny gemstones can also be selected by hand. Then you can be certain of having the best stones all around and you will be assured they will all match in clarity and colour.
  3. If you are in a hurry and do not have the time to pick your own diamond and the main or centre stone of diamond will be a half carat or less in size, then you might be better off selecting the "as is" ring special since it will save you time and you can always buy another trendy ring to "upgrade" at a later stage in life at the time of a special anniversary.

After considering this, it is superior to have a preference and raise your opinion in regards to the stone you will select and present to your loving life partner. There are many upsides to this process. However, not every person will have the time or energy required to achieve this goal. Goldenet is the most preferred and reliable place to purchase your gorgeous diamond jewellery made with real diamonds without much expense of your valuable time as you will get exactly what you want in a single place without any inconvenience.