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Determining the Factors That Affect the Cost of Engagement Ring

What we generally do on a regular basis is provide the manufacturing cost of engagement ring, wedding ring as well as other costs of services that we proficiently offer. Sometimes, especially for more laborious and classy services, customers are surprised at the high cost of development while most of the times customers are surprised at the low cost in performing less laborious jobs.

This is Developed and Manufactured by Us Only

In case if you don’t know, let me tell you that we hand-make diamond jewellery from scratch having natural and loose diamonds, which means that we start from choosing the most suitable metal (platinum, gold or something else) for quality and good appearance. Afterward we simply shape, roll and solder it together to make a beautiful, classy engagement ring.

Since the Computer Aided Design (that is CAD) is gaining a lot of popularity, CAD models are inexorably cast, to make the ring most modern as per the choice of the customer.

All engagement rings are made by, in our personal workshop this means that we need to pay wages for quality manufacturing of diamond engagement rings to our jewellers as well as to keep up our workshop running.

Hence, we cannot deny the fact that labour costs are quite real and evident in prices of engagement rings. The following are the four chief costs entailed in manufacturing a diamond ring:

  1. Cost of metal (platinum or gold)
  2. Cost of the design
  3. Cost of diamonds or any additional gemstones.
  4. Cost of setter’s labour
  5. Cost of jeweller’s labour

So, these factors have major influence on the cost of an engagement ring.

Nowadays many jewellers, when placing quotations for jobs, just quote on instinct, or on the way a customer treats them. We have recently heard some stories of jewellers that place one price on one day and another different price to another client on the other day. Moreover, several of the jewellers desire to be paid like lawyers and demand around $300- 400 each hour but this is not right.

As mentioned above, the Goldenet base prices on definite predetermined factors. Our prices don’t fluctuate as per our mood or on demand as we are one of the genuine and honest dealers of Australia providing quality and high class services for a long of time. We are here with a range of different loose and natural diamonds from which you can choose as per your taste and preferences. We have expert professionals that are always dedicated to offer their clients best.

In conclusion, since most of our business deals with diamond engagement rings, our quality designs are generally modern and superior in development, and with a natural diamond costing thousands of dollars, our customers are happy and content to pay a few hundred dollars more for a quality setting and reliable services. So get the benefit of honest in determining the cost of engagement ring now before maing your purchase.